My Door?

by Terrie Stadler

This story is based on an actual event when an unsuspecting visitor came to our door. Based on this incident I decided to write a story about this most unusual experience.

Book Reviews:

“Who’s Knocking At My Door by Terrie Stadler was an excellent job of following through. And the artwork created delightful results. Not only did the author answer the door, she also answered the call of the animals to once again visit the pond. It is so important to make “the little things” in life important! And she did so with great success.”

-Judie Varns

“I loved this book because it instills children with a love of nature and the awareness of the simple, but extraordinary things that can happen in your own front yard. It shows a child the love and balance between nature and people. I enjoyed sharing this book with little children because it showed the comradely existence among the pond inhabitants and those visiting the pond, while making each inhabitant appear to be bigger than life.”

– Judith Dale

About the author

Terrie retired from her profession as an electrical drafter after 36 years in the electronics sector. Nowadays she spends her time researching all of the various treatments and therapies available to aid patients with terminal conditions. It has been a ten-year journey that has been both demanding and exasperating, but she has persevered even through the most trying times.

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